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Baucaholics Anonymous

Need help? We do too.

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Welcome to Baucaholics Anonymous.
Do you find yourself addicted to Bauhaus?
Can't stop listening to Dark Entries OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN?
Do you find yourself mesmorized by Peter Murphy's "Shoulder Dance" tm?
Do you stare longingly into Daniel Ash's perfectly tweezed eyebrows?
Do you still collect David J's solo albums even though he's gone a bit insane?
Do you ever have panic attacks worrying about whatever happened to Kevin Haskins?

Well, we are here to help.
Well, at least support you.

creator o0olellyo0o with inspiration from nosferaboobs

this is an open community - so technically I (andremains) can be the only moderator - but whatever I, nosferaboobs or machina says goes.
got it?

Upon initial posting - please state your name and give us a story or a picture showing your addiction.
Preferably both.